Transformed into a foundation in 2009 ARCHIVE AFRO was founded in 1976. Since the disappearance of the painter to today, the Archive is busy to promote, develop and coordinate initiatives and cultural activities aimed to increase knowledge and studies on personality and artistic activity of Afro Basaldella, continuing the path already taken in life by the Afro and using a close collaboration with the most important Italian and foreign museums, private collections, galleries and the contribution of critical international acclaim.


Research and collects, records, publications, catalogs and the evidence concerning the person and work of Afro Basaldella. The archives of the Foundation includes documentation on works from figurative and abstract, photographs, correspondence, exhibition catalogs and auction.The Foundation it's available only by appointment.
It provides for the conservation, cataloging and study of documents and archival materials that currently exist, to be allocated progressively to the use by scholars and cultural institutions that request them.
Provides support and assistance for the realization of exhibitions, publications and other cultural initiatives aimed at the promotion and dissemination of knowledge around the figure of Afro Basaldella.

Requiring authentication of works attributed to Afro Basaldella is subject to what is stated in the rules and details available here: DOWNLOAD
The Archive Foundation Afro guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data in accordance with the Privacy Code in force, will not provide it to any third party and provide for their deletion or amendment if the applicant so requests. The request may be sent via e-mail or via postal mail at the address on the contacts page..